START-Play Continuing Education Course

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Course Description

This course outlines the theory and scientific background of the START-Play intervention. Clinical trial results on START-Play’s effectiveness are explained and linked to key ingredients of the intervention. Therapists will learn critical concepts, ways to incorporate those concepts into an early intervention program and how to actively problem solve to advance the developmental skills of young children with motor dysfunction. There are 12 self-paced lessons, each 20 to 30 minutes in length.

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Course Details

  • 12 self-paced lessons + 2 online meetings with interventionists
  • 10-hour online hybrid format [take on your own schedule]
  • Continuing education certificate (CEU credit) for 10 hours from the Physical Therapy Board of PA provided
  • Cost $400

"The START-Play course definitely boosted my confidence in learning this new physical therapy intervention. I loved how it started with the current evidence in early Intervention, the scientific gaps and plenty of evidence leading up to and supporting the intervention. Each cognitive construct was thoroughly explained, using video clips as live examples, and the key ingredients to START-Play were repeated throughout the modules. Handouts provided easy reference.” Kim C., Los Angeles CA



  • Theory behind START-Play
  • Research supporting the intervention
  • Fidelity of the study


  • Measures used to detect change in developmental skills
  • Which children respond best to START-Play
  • How cognition and movement are related during development


  • Activities for four cognitive constructs at different skill levels
  • An example of the “just right challenge” to blend motor and cognitive skills
  • An intervention for specific child case studies within the course
  • A sample of alternate activities for children in your own practice applying START-Play principles