SIT-PT Project

Comparing Physical Therapy Approaches for Young Children Beginning to Sit
baby sitting smiling


The SIT-PT research team is comparing the effectiveness of two physical therapy interventions for young children with or at high risk of having cerebral palsy.

Through this study, we hope to better understand which intervention approach is best to promote children’s early development and readiness to learn.

The Interventions

Two different interventions will be delivered and compared in the SIT-PT study.

START-Play Logo

Sitting Together and Reaching To Play

Targets sitting, reaching and motor-based problem-solving in infancy to improve global development.


Movement, Orientation, Repetition and Exercise Physical Therapy

Focuses on moving, building strength and increasing flexibility in infancy to improve motor skills and limit impairments.

Be a Participant!

We are seeking study participants now! If your child is 8 to 24 months old, with or at high risk of having cerebral palsy, and learning to sit — you may be eligible to participate.

SIT-PT offers participants:


Free developmental assessments


Access to experts in child development

Visits that fit your schedule

Visits in the comfort of your home

They may also be clinic-based depending on your preference and regional COVID-19 status.


This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development.